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Golf Cart Rentals

Ready for your Port Aransas Golf Cart?

Regular golf cart rentals are great if you're going golfing. They make it easy to get around the course with no need to carry a heavy bag of clubs, and they work well on the small paved roads commonly found around country clubs. What they don't handle well is the deep sand of a beach. For places like Port Aransas, you want a lifted golf cart with offroad tires and suspension.

Our golf cart rentals have off-road tires, an upgraded suspension, and a full roof. This makes them able to handle the driving on the compact beach sand. Of course, they can also go on-road, so you'll have no trouble getting to and from the surf to your vacation rental or downtown.

Since most people come to Port Aransas, TX for the beaches, Island Outfitters focuses on beach golf cart rentals. We also offer other gear, such as coolers, games, tents and beach chairs, so you can be fully equipped during your outing.

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