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100% of the people that come to Port Aransas begin

by booking a short-term rental property

This almost exclusively done via online sites like vrbo, Airbnb, Port A Escapes, Expedia and so forth. These sites streamline the property search and reservation processes, making for an easy and compelling customer experience.

Unfortunately for most, the golf cart rental process is completely disconnected from the short-term rental property experience and requires searching for and visiting individual company websites for rates and availability. 


Compounding this, many of the Port Aransas golf cart rental websites are outdated, offering a broken rental process that entails the customer completing an online reservation form that doesn't actually guarantee a cart for them when they arrive and stand in line in the heat waiting to pick it up!


Island Outfitters has changed this experience and makes renting a golf cart as easy as renting a beach house. Thru our partnership with Port A Escapes and short-term rental property owners like you, we are making it a part of the process and also delivering the carts to the customer's vacation home!

2023 Subscription Program.png

You Own The Cart

Island Outfitters owns and maintains a fleet of 50 of our own golf carts. We know what it takes to deliver an exceptional golf cart rental experience in Port Aransas!  It requires a combination of great customer service and great carts that are appropriately outfitted, meet the requirements of the city and that are well maintained.


This program gives you the ability to own your own golf cart that we'll maintain and manage the rental process from end-to-end.  To ensure your renters have the best possible experience, only 2020 or newer Club Car golf carts are eligible for the program. You may use your own cart if it meets this criteria or you can purchase a 2022 six-passenger Club Car cart from Island Outfitters or another provider.


Carts purchased thru Island Outfitters will be street and beach legal and will include 2 years of our Maintenance Subscription.  If you do not purchase your cart thru Island Outfitters, it will be your responsibility to license it for street and beach operation and our Maintenance Subscription will be available for purchase.


We’ll Handle The Rest!

You will continue to rent your vacation home as you are today, Island Outfitters will manage the golf cart rental management (cleaning, inspecting, fueling, maintenance, addressing customer questions or needs during their rental).


Our Service Subscription means that we’ll take care of your cart and the entire rental process so that you don’t have to contend with customer requests or any cart maintenance activities.

Email or call us to get started!

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