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Beach Cart Rentals

What Makes Island Outfitters Golf Cart Rentals Different from Standard Golf Cart Options?

Standard golf carts are very good for what they're designed for. Unfortunately, what they're designed for is golf courses and small roads. This makes it so that they have trouble on the soft sands of beaches or the rough terrain of trails. Base-level golf carts also may not have full roofs, and this allows the blazing sun to bake you for the duration of your ride. Obviously, something better is needed for the beach.

The first thing you'll notice when you go to Island Outfitters for golf cart rentals is almost surely the tires. They're proper off-road tires, which are meant to be able to get a good grip on sand, wet soil, and other tough terrain. Off-road tires also resist getting bogged down in sand and other challenging materials.

Next, you'll enjoy the fact that beach carts have full roofs. No seats are left exposed to sun from above, so nobody gets blasted as you ride around. While sunscreen is still recommended because sunlight can come in from the sides, it's much better than overhead exposure.

Island Outfitters knows that it takes more than a golf cart to make a beach trip a success. Therefore, we offer beach gear rentals, too. These include Yeti coolers, beach chairs, and games. You can pick up everything you'll need for your vacation!

Our company serves the needs of those visiting Port Aransas Texas. If you're planning a trip, be sure to reserve your beach gear and cart before you arrive. Then, they will then deliver your cart right to the door of your vacation home!

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