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Safety First!

If you're on our site, you're likely considering renting a golf cart for your Port Aransas vacation -- a GREAT IDEA on so many fronts! That being said, golf carts are vehicles and improper use when operating a cart can be very dangerous or fatal.

Before we get into the details, you should know that only licensed drivers are permitted to drive golf carts in Port Aransas. In an effort to maintain a safe and fun golf cart co-existence with automobile traffic, local police will issue tickets to underaged drivers. As well, if Island Outfitters sees underaged, non-licensed and insured drivers in our carts, your cart will be suspended without refund. This isn't ill-intentioned - it's for the safety of your family and others around you.

As well, driving on Highway 361 is STRICTLY prohibited by law with two exceptions where you are legally and safely able to cross the highway to get to your destination.

Finally, remember you are legally required to use the provided seatbelts for ALL passengers when operating a golf cart. The most likely and often catastrophic injury on a golf cart is when someone stands on the back and holds onto the roof while the cart is underway. This can lead to the person falling off and hitting their head, leading to severe injury or death.

THE ANSWER? Don't do it or allow it. Drive this message into the head of all of your drivers and passengers, particularly the younger ones who are most likely to take the chance without proper warning.

Buckle up and keep your friends and family safe!

If for any reason you are uncertain about any aspects of operating our golf carts safely -- please DO NOT HESITATE to call us. We will work with you to get you the information and confidence you need to safely operate your cart and have an incredible vacation!


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